Global Excellency Awards


Global Excellency Awards is one of the most prestigious awards for A Schools (Academic School) and is the largest of its kind enrolling participants across the globe to explore the ingenious talents.

The Global Excellency Award Category is designed to highlight the best individual out of the most competent, collaborative and professional approach. IAA will inspire improvement and raise standards by presenting the best examples of game-changing excellence through case studies, commentaries and news features.

Each year, The Global Excellency Award launches a campaign to find the most exemplary individuals across the globe. Across all categories, all candidates for entry are bench marked against the following core criteria:

01. Presentation Skills
02. Process Skills
03. Collaboration Skills
04. Training – how have you applied what you have learned?
05. Leadership – what initiatives or improvements have you led?
06. Results – how have you contributed to success?

Note: All entrants and finalists receive a detailed benchmark report illustrating how they have performed in comparison to short-listed candidates.


IAA is designed to guide you through a personal transformation. You will return to your organization with the analytical skills needed to identify, frame, and solve complex problems;the confidence to make important decisions in an uncertain and rapidly changing environment; and the leadership skills to drive fundamental change in your organization and industry.

• GLOBAL PEER NETWORK—You will be part of an invaluable, lifelong network of accomplished global network

• WORLD-RENOWNED FACULTY—Working as an integrated team,our senior faculty members will provide you with a powerful educational relationship that extends beyond the classroom.

• PROVEN LEARNING FORMAT—The periods of on-campus immersion will challenge you to think and act differently. These modules will enable you to take risks and experiment freely.

• DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT—Small living groups, personal coaching,the Fortius World School Spectrum 360 feedback tool, and social activities will provide a context for personal feedback and professional development

• LEARNING THAT LASTS A LIFE TIME—Reflecting our commitment to lifelong learning, Fortius World School will continue to provide you with relevant educational resources and opportunities long after the program ends.

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