WSC accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement in international education and is earned only by the best programmes, Institutions and Universities.

Students, Higher Education Institutions, Graduates and Employers recognise that WSC accreditation is an assurance of quality.

Students:  Accreditation is an assurance of quality
For students, the decision to take an international programme represents a major commitment, both in terms of time and money. In a crowded and complex market, our accreditation provides a reliable list of meticulously tested programmes and ensures that students investments are rewarded with the finest global education available, which will have a demonstrable impact on their careers.

Employers:  Acquire future business leaders
Employers looking to acquire the best resources and future business leaders know that graduates of our accredited programmes have received the highest quality and most relevant education. To recruit a graduate from one of our accredited programmes or organization is to recruit top talent.

Universities or Organizations: International credibility and status
Accreditation gives the candidate schools international credibility and status. The number of school qualifications available worldwide is now in the million, but only a small percentage of these would achieve accreditation if they were submitted to our rigorous international criteria. WSC accreditation identifies programmes as the best available. The developmental nature of our accreditation process often helps schools spot potential shortcomings in their programmes, and our comprehensive and consultative report outlines recommendations for improving provision in the future. Find out more about becoming a WSC Accredited School.

Graduates: Connect with individuals from the best global Universities and Organizations
WSC Membership means that students can network with one another, knowing that they are connecting with individuals from the best global universities and organizations. Our member services provided to students from WSC accredited schools include exchange Programmes , Internships , careers support, job portals, networking opportunities and access to the latest research.Students know that WSC accreditation opens doors and opportunities for them .







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